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It all began in the early 1950s when the grandfather, Mario Degani and his brother bought the historic nursery school in Lazise. They undertook the trade of mopeds, bicycles and the sale of gas cylinders, becoming famous in the community in particular for their professionalism, availability and friendliness.
Thirty years later, his son Fulvio Degani took over his father’s business, elevating it to another level, making the “Cicli Degani” shop known throughout the lower lake. He founded the first racing bicycle club in Lazise, ​​and the first bicycle rentals on Lake Garda began with him.
After the sudden death of Fulvio, in 2009, his sons Mario and Fabio Degani at that time in their twenties, found themselves having to manage the business starting from scratch, managing in a short time to maintain the pace and above all the image of the shop as their father had built, keeping the trust of loyal customers intact and earning new ones.
Fabio Degani is currently the owner of the company as well as manager of the store.
More and more passionate about the work that initially happened to him, he stands out for his professionalism, kindness and technical preparation, always looking for updates to keep up with the current market, participating every year in courses of brands such as Bosch and Shimano. In fact, with him begins a new level of evolution of the store. He introduces electric bicycles looking for the best brands and models to satisfy any type of request from passionate customers.
Cicli Degani Bike shop boasts a name, a noteworthy city and tourist fame, offering the best offers of bicycles for adults and children together with a prepared assisted sale and an efficient repair service, thus guaranteeing all those who love to move by bicycle , unforgettable moments and holidays.


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